Eleanor’s Birth Story


My crazy birth story

My crazy birth story and labor and delivery were wild and unexpected! Let’s just say it involved 1) non-traditional contractions 2) a toilet and 3) Zach and I delivering her into own hands. Here’s what happened:

Starting Tuesday night on March 9th I started having weird rectal pain and intestinal cramping every 2 hours or so. It was highly uncomfortable and caused an unrested nights sleep, but I honestly thought it was because I was very constipated. When pregnant, and especially in your third trimester, you’re told that the hormones and pressure from your growing baby can slow down your digestive system, therefore causing constipation. I never thought too much about this because I was already constantly uncomfortable. I didn’t recognize that my lack of bowel movements for the past 3 weeks were an issue.

I woke up Wednesday morning of the 10th and the rectal pain and intestinal cramping started to increase in severity and frequency. But I thought for sure it was my body finally trying to have a bowel movement, so I put on my workout clothes and headed to a barre3 class.

After coming home from the class, the frequency and severity of the pain and cramping started gradually increasing. I started to feel like someone was stabbing me in the rectum. So, I texted a few different friends who have had babies before me to tell them how I was feeling. My friend Meg called me and told me to time the “pains and cramping” and when I did it averaged about every 5-6 minutes for 1.5 minutes long. She told me that she thought I was having contractions. I was skeptical because my abdomen would never tighten or contract which is typically how contractions occur.

But I was having abnormal contractions…

The intestinal cramping and rectal pain continued throughout the late afternoon and soon became unbearable. About an 8/10 of pain. Every time the pain would hit I would fall to my hands and knees and start bawling my eyes out. My friends strongly urged that I go the hospital to at least get checked out.

Shortly after 5:30pm, Zach came home from work and we decided to go in to the hospital just in case, so we grabbed all of our baby hospital gear and went. I didn’t tell anyone we were going because I thought for sure I was just constipated and I would be sent home soon after arriving at the hospital.

Meanwhile on the way to the hospital a couple of episodes of the shooting pain and cramping occurred and Zach told me he was timing them. They were now 4 minutes apart.

I arrived at the hospital and went into triage at 6:45pm and told them about my rectal pain and intestinal pain and that I hadn’t had a bowel movement in 3 weeks. They said I was likely so constipated that I was having a painful bowel movement, so they performed an enema. 

And it took effect.

I’m now sitting on the toilet emptying my bowels. But every time my bowels would contract the rectal pain would be so severe that I would literally yell out. I put the call light on and a nurse came in, but she said pain and cramping during an enema was normal. Then I started to feel pressure in my pelvic region but no more bowel movements. And then it would happen again – a crazy wicked bowel movement contraction with rectal pain and intestinal cramping and then my pelvis would have tons of pressure and burning. At this point, I’m yelling so loudly from the pain. It was truly a 10/10 pain.

About 35-40 minutes later I stopped going to the bathroom, so I decided to climbed back into bed but I told Zach “something’s not right”. So I put the call light on.

And then I suddenly had another bowel movement contraction and got out of the bed and just made it to the toilet when the my pelvic area felt like it was on FIRE. And so I reached down with my hand and felt Eleanor crowning.

So I yelled to Zach, “she’s coming!”

He ran to me and then I yelled, “no, get the nurse!” Then he ran back to me and when he got to me he saw me cradling her head and shoulders as she was coming out. A few seconds later I had another contraction and as I stood up off the toilet Zach reached his hands out and caught her as she fell into his hands.

And that’s how our sweet Eleanor was born on March 10th at 8:19pm! She is the most beautiful gift and our constant reminder that God is my light.

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  1. Sharon Stone says:

    Absolutely priceless- both the story and sweet Eleanor Jane💕
    Best wishes,

  2. Bethany Gerdt says:

    What an incredible story! She is absolutely precious! Great job mama!















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