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Jane Shine is the owner, blogger, and creator behind Positively Jane. Oh! And my very own mother, as well. I deeply admire my mom & her heart for creating & sharing her creativity with others. I sincerely believe that just about everything I’ve learned about being creative comes from her. She has taught me to sew over FaceTime, how to properly sand and stain wood, thread a needle with embroidery floss, & so much more. She is arguably the most creative woman I have ever met & it was such an honor to have her join me on this post: Does Everyone Have A Creative Gift?

Does Everyone Have A Creative Gift?

This question and topic idea was submitted to me by a reader and honestly, I dwelled on it for a really long time. I wasn’t sure how to go about answering this question or even where to begin.

The reader explained even further that they wanted to know how to discover our God-given creative gifts. I knew for this post I wanted to bring in an ‘expert’ on creativity & have a conversation with someone who has been creating longer than I have.

My mom, Jane, was my immediate choice & woah, let me tell you, she brings some serious insight and wisdom into this conversation. Together in this post, we dive into whether or not we all have a creative gift.

Join us for the correct definitions of creative, creative, artist, & gift, learn how you can you tap into the creative passion already inside you, & answer the question: what is the point of creating anyways?

Create, Creative, & Gift

Before we could really answer the question: Does Everyone Have a Creative Gift?, we first needed to lay the foundation with definitions.

  • Create: to bring something into existence

  • Creative: marked by the ability or power to create; synonymous with imaginative or innovative

  • Gift: a natural ability or talent

Creative Does Not Equal Artist

Creating and being creative is multi-faceted.

So often we believe that in order to be creative we have to be artistic. However, being creative & being artistic are not synonymous. You do not have to be able to paint or knit or write in calligraphy to be creative.

It is possible that you have a creative gift, but you may not have ever realized you had one. Other creative avenues are in parenting strategies, sales tactics, budgeting tips, or marriage strategies. We can be creative in so many different ways. You can be creative without ever picking up a paintbrush.

Every artist is a creative but not every creative is an artist. Creating is just bringing something into existence, it’s not synonymous with art.

Finding My Creative Gift

If you desire to discover your artistic creative passion, whether that’s knitting or paper crafting or crocheting, or non-artistic creative passion such as parenting strategies and budgeting tips, you might be asking yourself: how do I find what clicks well for me? How do I find something creative to do?


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Begin the process of discovering your creative gift today!

Inspiration Over Comparison

If you’re struggling with finding your creative gift, browse the Internet and spend some time on social media finding what intrigues you, but be careful to not become so overwhelmed by the comparison game that you are too paralyzed to create or fearful because your work ‘isn’t as good’. Be sure that your mind is focused on inspiration & not on comparison.

Remember that everyone starts somewhere. Very few people wake up with an innate talent or ability to create. Instead, years of practice and work and effort go into honing a skill or craft. Do not compare your today to somebody else’s 10 year journey.

Does It Matter If We Have A God-Given Creative Gift?

God is the ultimate creator. And we are all created in God’s image, therefore making us creative as well. But does that mean we have a creative gift (natural ability/talent) or just a desire to create? We can struggle with & question what our creative gift is: is it from God or was it nurtured over time?

It turns out, it doesn’t really matter. Instead, pick your passion and go with it. Everything we create and make is a reflection of God and back to God. Whether we are creative artistically or in everyday tasks, whether it’s a gift or just a passion, just have fun & share your joy with others.

Creativity is all around us, we just need to reframe our mind to see everyday opportunities as creative opportunities.


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