Two and Three Months of Eleanor Jane


two and three months of eleanor jane

How are we already at her two and three month recap? I had all of the best intentions to get her two month recap written but somehow between being a wife, mom and working full-time, the weeks slipped by and suddenly we’re already at the three month mark. So, a combination two and three month recap it is!

two and three month recap: How are we really doing?

We are finally settled into a routine (for the most part) and are all doing wonderfully. Sweet Eleanor is the happiest, cuddliest and smiliest baby I’ve ever met. She is so easy to care for. Before becoming a mother I was afraid of losing my independence and being beholden to someone else’s schedule. And while I can’t do everything as easily as I used to, I have managed to maintain just about all of the same activities as I did before she was born. With a little preplanning and a lot of grace for our day, Zach and I are able to hangout with friends, go on little dates, attend church and workout daily.

A big key factor to having a more manageable and organized day with a little one is making sure your household is in order every night before bed. Zach and I created a small checklist of items we complete every night before climbing into bed that allows us to wake up to a clean slate and renewed mind. It takes about 10 minutes total if we work together and it’s been a game changer for relieving stress. Our checklist includes items like: clean the kitchen counters, sweep the floors, fold and put away any laundry, wash all dishes/put all dishes away, fold all the blankets and take the trash out. By doing these small actions each night, our next day seems to run smoother.

I’ve also learned the power of the 5-minute clean-up. Whenever I have 5 minutes of spare time, I try to complete as many tasks as possible. That might be starting a new load of laundry, washing the dishes, making the bed… whatever can be done in 5 minutes. The 5-minute clean-up goes a long way in staying organized.

two and three month recap: Let’s talk about sleep…

Let’s start with Eleanor’s sleep. Once she had her one month check-up and we were told she was gaining weight well, we decided to stop waking her up in the middle of the night for feeds. Once we stopped waking her up, she started to extend her sleep and by 10-weeks old was sleeping through the night, for a full 11-12 hours. Getting her to this point involved following the french art of Le Pause and giving her the time to learn to connect her sleep cycles. It didn’t happen right away (it took about 6 weeks until she fully slept through the night), but each night we could see that she was working hard to soothe herself. We are so proud of her!

Since Zach and I are so well-rested and back to our normal sleep routine, we’ve noticed a huge shift in our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Teaching a baby to sleep through the night is one of the best things we chose to do. It took a lot of discipline, but I believe both we and Eleanor are better for it. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of polarization surrounding the idea of sleep training/sleep teaching a baby, but from my personal experience, the gift of sleep for both your child and yourself is one of the best things you can give.

two and three month recap: How’s breastfeeding… really?

Well, my breastfeeding journey is done. I made it *almost* three months and have decided to move on from it.

From the time Eleanor was brought home from the hospital she has suffered from very severe acid reflux. She has been to the doctor countless times, had to receive an emergency ultrasound, and is even on medication. Poor baby just feels so sick all the time. In my hours of research on how to help her, I stumbled upon the idea of an elimination diet. The premise is that something I am eating in my diet is causing gastrointestinal pain in her through breastfeeding. After reading about this I immediately eliminated all gluten, dairy and soy from my diet. I was very meticulous about it, reading every label, for eight weeks. Unfortunately, it made very little difference in her health and well-being. She still spit up and burped constantly.

At the same time this was all happening, I had to stop giving her the cow’s milk formula to give her system time to heal. But I desperately needed a second option for feeding because I do not pump (me and breast pumps do not agree with one another). Once I finished my elimination diet, I started researching dairy and soy free formulas for infants… and none exist. Like how do they not exist? So, I made a game-time decision to try something new: goat’s milk formula. I read that goat’s milk is a miracle formula for babies who have sensitive tummies. I decided to stick with the same brand I was using before, Kendamil, because of it’s purity and molecular resemblance to breastmilk. And drumroll please… she loved it. She responded so well to it and spit up less drinking the goat’s milk formula than she ever did the whole time I was on my elimination diet while breastfeeding.

While all of this was happening, my breastmilk supply started dropping drastically so I was having to increasingly supplement with goat’s milk formula. And then it clicked with me one day: if she is much happier and healthier on the goat’s milk formula, then why am I continuing to breastfeed her? So, I stopped. It was as simple as that.

two and three month recap: Products I love…

Now that Eleanor is becoming an active little lady we try to keep her stimulated with a few different items.

  • Activity Gym: Eleanor loves her activity play gym and will just kick around for what seems like hours. We personally wanted an activity gym without music and this activity gym was the perfect one. 

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Crinkle Book: my sister-in-law is a physical therapist, so she suggested getting Eleanor a crinkle book for stimulation and teaching her coordination. When I found a The Very Hungry Caterpillar crinkle book, I knew I had to get it. 

  • Security Blanket: over the last few weeks we introduced Eleanor to her first ever lovey. When I was pregnant, Zach and I went on a family vacation to the beach and while there Zach picked out a little dog security blanket for Eleanor. He named it Woofie and we bring it with us everywhere we go.

Eleanor’s Second and Third Month…

Eleanor has officially reached double digits at 10.2 pounds! She is beginning to get little fat rolls and we love it so much.

These months we loved watching Eleanor entertain herself and kick around. She is so alert and becoming the most active little baby. Zach is already counting down the days until he can enroll her in CrossFit.

She loves to talk, talk, talk (in her baby type of way). She’s constantly chatting away while sucking on her fingers. It’s adorable!

Her favorite thing these months is smiling! She smiles at everyone she sees. It melts my heart every morning when I wake her up, she makes eye contact with me and then gives me a big smile.

These past months she ventured out to the doctor’s office, friend’s houses, church, a baseball game, a CrossFit competition, and her first ever road trip to visit Grandpa and Grandma and Papaw and Gigi.

Our favorite thing about Eleanor is still all of her sounds and squeaks. She makes the most precious noises!

Eleanor is officially a water baby! My parents have a pool and she got to splish and splash for the first time ever. 

Our kitty, Cleo, is absolutely smitten with Eleanor. She loves to be next to her and whenever Eleanor cries Cleo tries to console her by laying down near her.

She has a few different nicknames: Eleansnore since she’s a noisy sleeper, Eleasaur which is her dinosaur name, Peanut is what my dad calls her, both Zach and I call her Ellie Belly, and just about everyone calls her the “little squish”.

Everyone’s favorite thing to say about her is that she is “precious” and we wholeheartedly agree. 

want more eleanor?

Check out her birth story, a look into her small space nursery or her one month recap.

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